The Tribe

The Tribe is a collection of surfers of varying abilities, sizes and ages (generally over 35) who just enjoy surfing. In amongst juggling work and families they steal away and track on down to where it's pumping or to a fav secret spot as much as possible. Whether they ride a Custom Cruiser Mal, Hotdog Hybrid, Flashback Retro or Expression Thruster it don't matter. It's about having fun, by yourself, with your friends or your family.

Dave Cotter pulling a lovely roundhouse on his Flashback at Bancoora.

Dave racing the section at Bancoora.

Rainbow at speed.

Silhouette. Could be 1965.

Queensland Tribe contingent down in Vic for the warm weather. Nick Clearihan at Winki.

Nick lining up a nice section at Winki.

Al ??? enjoying Winki's long walls.

Ash Clearihan steals one from younger brother Nick.

Big, cold and empty. Way down South.

Late arvo session at a nearly deserted Mallacoota.

John McIntyre enjoying a rarity in Vic. The Drainos left.

Even the kids get a go.


Pleasant pm session at Bells and Winki.

Pleasant pm session at Bells and Winki.

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