You may be getting older, a mature surfer. It doesn't matter. Beginner, born again or experienced - surf and we'll look after you. Custom surfboards to accessories - choose here at our online surfshop and we'll deliver to your door.   Old Coot....Surf accessories for the more weatherworn waterman.


Custom Cruiser Malibu Surfboards                                       Hotdog Mini Mals and Hybrid Surfboards                          Flashback Retro Surfboards                                                 Expression Thruster Surfboards

Order on-line and we'll email a custom surfboard design before we build. Check our Custom Surfboards online here.


Surf Essentials Kit, Sand Stand, Daypack, Wax, Soft Racks, Board Bags, Legropes, Body, Soft and Skim Boards, Surf Apparel and Jewellery, Surf Guides and Music.

Your custom made surfboard will be unique with your own graphic design or colours - Let us know what you are after and get involved in the design and look of your board.

Delivered to your door

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