It's serious exercise
Yep, here's a line for your partner. "Honey, babe, darl, snookums, whatever, but Dr Hugh Jarse said it's good for my blood pressure!"

You look cool
Think about it - we get to wear baggy shorts and shirts and even pull out our old surf gear and get away with it. Or at least that's what we think. But hey, an Old Coot doesn't give a rats.

You get to read cool magazines
Do you really want to read the financial papers, current affairs journals or Plumbers News? Of course not - you'd rather look at a surf mag with lots of pictures (so you don't have to read) plus you get the occasional peak at gorgeous girls in bikinis.

You get to use cool language
Next time you're doing that important sales presentation or giving a quote to install an air conditioner, sneak in a term like, "Stoked", "Going Off" or "Out There". Surfing gives us a broad and rich vocabulary that will have people wondering.

Your kids will look up to you
Consider the impact on the parent/child relationship. Ask your kids how many cool dads play golf. Simple. Surfing means your kids will always look up to you.

It saves on personal grooming time
Regular surfing gives you the excuse to avoid having a shower, brushing your hair or shaving. Being a bit rough around the edges is part and parcel of surfing. And think of the hours you'll save by avoiding these time consuming tasks.

You get to ride a long-board without looking like a dork
How many young guys really feel comfortable out in the water on a long-board? Riding a long board puts you at the top of the food chain in surfing. They paddle easier, catch waves sooner, and you don't have to throw your back out turning them like you do on shark biscuits. Having said that, Old Coot is one big happy surfing tribe where those who still step off on a shorty have the respect for flying the flag.

You get to have great holidays
Your surfing holidays will always be to exotic destinations. Where would you rather go: Scotland to play golf or New Caledonia to surf? Surfing holidays are generally warm, involve lots of male bonding, and require the consumption of plenty of beer with associated tall stories of big wipe-outs.

Surfing generally involves lots of bonding. Jump in a car, a bunch of boards on the roof and head down the beach - this is the best way to catch up with mates and surfing comrades and solve all of your problems. And out in the water you can hang shit and talk crap and who cares.

Surfing makes you sexy
Women love surfers, it's as simple as that. Some may argue young surfers, but don't let the facts get in the way of delusion.


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